Beyond Voyages makes the perfect getaway for a truly relaxing spa break. For a rejuvenating and pampering mid-week or weekend break, treat yourself to a spa holiday. Pamper yourself to a variety of treatments ranging from Thai massages to Aromatherapies and from indulging into ancient Ayurvedic healing to creating a perfect harmony between Mind, Body & Soul through Yoga. Spa holiday helps you to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

The spa-experience becomes a context where our true nature can blossom and unfold. Inevitably, this is what each one of us seeks.

Imagine yourself practicing yoga or meditation in amidst panoramic vistas of mountains, sand and sea.
Reawaken yourself with Beyond Voyages offering a yoga vacation unlike anything you may have experienced before.

Try the ancient Indian Ayurveda healing. Realizing the importance of this ancient science an increasing number of people are today turning to Ayurveda. Experience the effects of ancient healing in a modern era.