Milan is recognized as a world fashion and design capital. Visit this artistic destination and get awestruck by its charisma. Milan has always been famous for its rich art and culture. This vibrant city has inspired a lot of artistics and designers to create masterpieces.. Hence we have chosen Milan our most preferred shopping destination to add a bling to your wardrobe.

Why Milan?

- You chance to shop for Modern Art by local artist, designer outlet stores & cutting edge fashion, stylish designer boutiques or hight street stores, vintage clothing. Antiques from flea markets and bric-a-brac dealers.
- Finest Ltalian pottery and glassware.
- Stylish Italian leather shoes and handbags.
Highlights of the Tour

- Visit the Sforza Castle, Santa Maria delle Grazie which houses the world wide famous "Last Supper" fresco by Leonardo.
- Visit to Via Monte Napoleone an elegant street & luxury shopping street in Milan, Italy, Famous for its ready-to-wear fashion and jewellery shops. Most important street of the Milan Fashion District where many well-known fashion designers have their height end boutiques and stores from italian designers to all the world famous brands. The most exclusive Italian shoemakers maintain boutiques on this street. Via MonteNapoleone is also regarded as the most important 'street in fashion'. as Milan is recognized as one of the major fashion capitals in the world.