Authentic, Antique, Royal, Silk, Spices, Culture... if these are the keywords for your shopping then Istanbul is the destination for you.

Why Istanbul?

Faience local ceramics, fine skill fabric, Persian rugs and carpets.
Brass and copperware househols ware and cookware.
Turkish and European antiques.
Turkish sweet and desserts like Turkish delight, Turkish herbal tea, spices, honey, nuts and dried fruits.

Highlights of the Tour

Bursa Silk Bazaar: Silk was Bursa's prime cloth trade for centuries, and although much of the silk now on sale comes from elsewhere, the variety and selection are still impressive. You can also buy chestnuts and peach.
Kutahya tiles: The industries of Kutahya have long traditions, going back to ancient times. Kutahya is famous for its kiln products, such as tiles and pottery, which are glazed and multicoloured. The colourfull and intricate motifs will surely live you stunned and we are sure you will keep asking for more.

Visit to the Textile factories in Denizli and Buldan- Natural dying, silk and cotton is main component of Buldan Textiles, Kusadasi Carpet Centre, Jewellery and leather factory. Kutahya; Tiles and porcelain factory.