One of the top shopping destinations in Asia and suits every taste and budget. Also being a free port, it showcases commodities from all over the world and usually all the commodities are accompanied by seasonal SALES!!!

Why Hongkong?

Contemporary and traditional art by local artists.
Global designer outlet stores.
Toys for all ages.
Quality silk or cotton lines.
Fine Chinese porcelain.
Stunning local handicrafts.
Custom made jade jewellery by world class designers.
State of the art electronics.
Antiques from specialty shops and select dealers.
Heighlights of the Tour

Macau shopping: you can visit various places in Macau. Macau is famous for its wine and leather goods. Enjoying status of free port, one can buy clothes, home furnishing, antiques etc... at a significantly low price. In Macau you can go to down town Macau shopping - a premiere shopping sight or you can visit the casinos and duty free shops. Macau inner and outer harbor - for those looking out to gift some inexpensive gift and souvenirs, this is a right place for you.