Explore the Unexpolored

Wondering why have we chosen Venezuela as our Signature destination? Well, here's the answer for your question. What happens when th mighty Andes, the vast sunny beaches, the great amazon rain - forest and the beautiful Caribbean islands come together? They form Luxury.. This land is a sheer example of what nature can bring in abundance.

What is unique to Venezuela?

For those looking out for an action packed experience, Venezuela is an ideal destination. Great nightlife, excellent restaurants, a good mix of culture & heritage and some great scenic treats. Venezulea is one of the unexlored destinations awaiting your presence to great you with its warmth & smile.
• caracas: Whether you are a music lover or a foodie, a person searching for the remnants of the by-gone era through the museums or someone who is in search of new friends, great nightlife and party. Caracas is where you should head for...
Being the capital of the country. Caracas truly represents itself as a modern metropolis catering to the varied interests of its traveller.. Imagine.. sipping on Chicha Andina
one of the famouse drinks of Venezuela with the bakdrop of Avila mountain range, in the capital of the country with some great culinary delights & music..
• Angel Falls: If you miss on this, you are surely going to miss a lot... This marvelous creation of Mother Nature is a must see must do on your visit to Venezuela.. For all the nature lovers this is a great treat as the falls are located in the Canaima national park and is named after American pilot Jimmie Angel.
• Los Roques: consists hundreds of islands and coral reefs. The 'La piedra de la Hausa' located in the Archipelago is considered as one of the best places for scuba diving in the world.
•The Gran Sabana: Located in Canaima National park and has plenty of some river and waterfalls, breathtaking views that are out of this world.. You could witness the oldest formations of Earth and the 'Tepuyes' which are basically flat top mountains with vertical walls, some of which rise to altitude of 2700 meters.
There is more to this beautiful destination, come and unleash with us for this breathtaking magnificent journey...


Combine Machu Pinchu one of the wonder of the world.