Unique and Beyond

There is much to grasp from the tag line of Slovenia. Come and experience Slovenia. Feel it. It is unique, Like everyone who visits it. Probably no one understands and respects nature more than Slovenians, as almost 60% of its territorry is covered by forest. Slovenia is the second most forested country in Europe, Green tourism is no mere phrase in Slovenia; they live by it every single day. Eco-friendly and sustainable tourism is what they are focused on... and a country that holds such high respect for the Mother Nature; one can only imagine the depth of its natural beauty and abundance of flora & fauna.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of this beautiful destination.
What is unique to slovenia?
• Lake Bled: An amazing landscape with a beautiful lake with an island and a church, can it get better than this. It's said that you ring the bell at the church and make a wish... its bound to come true. Don't belive us? You need to visit it to know it.
• Mysterious Karst: The combination of lime stone and water has given the Karst 2 faces, one above the surface and one below it. Here are the famous Postojna caves which are a bundle of mysteries. To extend it further is the USESCO world heritage site of Skocjan caves, it's been listed for it outstanding natural heritage.
• Historic towns to museums churches to castles.
• Exotic spas to great cuisine: You can taste world oldest wine here and also visit the biggest and the oldest Vineyards.
• Golf: Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport here and there are more than 30 clubs to cater to the clients. From lively cities like Ljubljana to the mighty Alps and form the green Mediterranean to the mysterious Karst, Slovenia has lot of offer for every single visitor.


Club your tour with Vienna as its mere 230kms, Budapest as it is 240 kms and Milan just 460 kms.