An undiscovered Sojourn
Pines, Lavender and the salt waters of Adriatic Sea, flawless landscapes of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields... Croatia is a land straight out of a painting.
This land of the great traveller 'Marco Polo' has small packets of undiscovered sojourn, only for those who understand the real definition of 'Discovery'.

What is unique to Croatia?

Magic of Istria: Want to see the happy heart of the Adriatic Sea? Istria is that magical place you should head to Istria is a heart shaped peninsula in the deep Adriatic Sea. This multicultural and hospitable place invites everyone with an open heart and we assure you, once you stare in to the eyes of this beauty she is sure to cast a spell on you.
Kvarner: A unique combination of a Riviera and a metropolis. If you are looking for a complete laid back, luxurious holiday, it cannot get better than this.

Zadar: A mirror of the rich culture and history of Croatia. The world's smallest cathedral is located here.
Pick from the variety of experiances offered by Dalmatia, Dubrovnik & Zagreb. Luxury speaks a different language here. For a class apart experiance, Croatia is a destination one will ever wish to come again and again and again.


Opt for a self drive holiday if you are pro at left hand drive.
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