Beyond Voyages focuses not only on the destination where the customer goes, but also on How he gets there? What will his journey be like till he reaches his destination? What services can he expect on the way to his destination?... These are the questions which form the backbone of Beyond Voyages. Our objective is to make sure that the customer enjoys not only his destination, but also the journey towards the destination.

The underlying philosophy of Beyond Voyages towards the concept of traveling is to dream, explore and experience. To dream and experience a way of voyaging that is not ordinary, that is not bound by existing standards of travel. We want the customer to reach into his mind rather than into a brochure.

We want him or her to think of new possibilities, possibilities that are beyond what run of the mill tour operators' offer. Beyond Voyages wants him to think of more than just his destination. We want him to think Beyond existing standards and ideas of vacationing.

To sum it up, Beyond Voyages will be offering experiences to customers, experiences that will be beyond everyday tours, beyond ordinary vacationing.
We will be offering an experience that is in itself a voyage and that will take the client and his family ...Beyond Voyages.